Privacy Policy


We won't reveal your kinky secrets to other people. Give us a unique (nick)name or email address if you want to delete your data in the future. This information will not be shown publicly.

KinkTest collects personal information about you (obviously). It saves that information in a database so you, or people you choose to share it with, can see it.

Apart from your IP address, you do not have to attach any identifying information to your answers, and any such information will never be published or given to third parties unless required for legal reasons.

If you do not choose to attach a name or email address to your survey, your answers and results will be anonymous, but if in the future you decide you don't want the information to be stored any more, it will be impossible to determine that you have the right to make this request. On the other hand, since it is anonymous, you probably are unlikely to care :)

If you wish to have your data deleted, or remind yourself of what information you submitted, contact us.