The KinkTest consists of questions asking you about how much you enjoy various sexual activities which fall into different types of kink-categories. The test assigns a weighting from each question to each category to work out which categories you enjoy the most based on your answers.

Most of the questions come in pairs (though the order is randomised, so they don't appear as pairs), one for a dominant and one for a submissive. This reflects the fact that most activities in kink have some kind of sub-dom dynamic going on, for example the person being tied up, and the one doing the tying. You are scored in these categories separately, so if you like being tied up rather than tying people up, but also enjoy spanking your partner but not being spanked, the difference is visible in the results.

Other activities aren't related to these categories and are dealt with separately in the final results.


The following are the 10 categories currently in use in the KinkTest:

Restraint (BDG)

Encompasses all kinds of physical restraint, ranging from being held in place by pure strength, to extreme hogties.

Pain (SM)

If you're here you probably don't need to be told that some people find pain arousing.

Roleplay (RP)

Encompasses all forms of acting during sex, ranging from the classic nurse costume, through using special names, age play and furry role-playing.

Degradation (DEG)

Where the Dom acts so as to degrade the sub, through the use of words or actions. Usually implies some level of role-playing.

Pleasure Control (PLC)

The Dom controls how much pleasure the sub receives - and when, whether and how often they orgasm.

Sensation (SNS)

Unusual sensations other than pain, most commonly temperature.

Exhibitionism (EXB)

Enjoying being sexual where other people might see, or with other people watching.

Voyeurism (VOY)

Finding sexual excitement in the secret observation of others either in the nude or in sexual situations.

Edge Play (EDG)

Encompasses all kinds of "edge" play including use of blades and choking, where risk and fear of real harm cause arousal.

Potty Play (PP)

Water sports, scat, and everything involving toilets.